Filigree Robotic Arm


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This is a one-time single slot sponsorship opportunity to help build a moving art installation which brings together the best of Maltese artisan tradition and cutting-edge Maltese robotics. If you are selected as the filigree robotic arm patron, you will get to enjoy it for all of 2020. The filigree robotic arm will be showcased throughout Malta and Gozo and the patron will be given the opportunity to auction it at the 2021 Istrina or donate it to a permanent exhibit in a museum.

The robotic arm will be automatically operated to show an open, closed hand and individual finger operation, it will be displayed in a custom wood and glass enclosure. The sponsor name and/or logo will be inscribed in a silver custom plate on the display case.

The filigree robotic arm patronage is priced at €4,000


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