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The MRO is looking for 5 main sponsors to help make MRO2020 a reality (only 2 are available following pre-year reservations)

The MRO’s main sponsors will have their logo present on all printed media (including billboards) and all large format printing. The logos of the 5 main sponsors will be grouped together (usually bottom right-hand corner) of any published media. The main sponsors will also share position in all large format printing at the event. The main sponsors will also share an equal area of visibility in all the event arenas. The main sponsors will have all the opportunities to do photo-ops with all the event organisers as well as issue press releases in partnership with the Ministry for Education and Employment.

The main sponsors will have a guaranteed stand/exhibit in the most prominent spaces of the exhibition and are allocated a free 10m x 10m stand. The main sponsors will also be mentioned in all articles being published — both printed and digital, as well as any digital and social media marketing and advertising. The sponsorship package for the main sponsors is €7,000.

The main sponsor slots are taken up on a first-come-first-served basis.

A 10×10 space is entitled to

  • 1 x 4 in line electrical outlet
  • 4 desks of 6 feet by 2 feet
  • 8 chairs
  • General Lighting
  • Venue Floor Carpet

Rules & Regulations for each exhibitor

  • Man the stand at all times throughout the opening times of the event. 
  • Be present on the premises at least 30 minutes before the official opening times of the event. 
  • No stand-alone projectors are allowed in the exhibitor area. 
  • Each exhibitor must give a public workshop on the stand. 
  • No audio equipment is allowed in the exhibitor area (such as speakers) 
  • Parking is available in the exhibitor parking area (accessible from the south gate) up to two cars per exhibitor 
  • Every person who is manning the stand or is part of the exhibitor crew must wear the MRO tag at all times. 
  • The MRO tag must be attached with the official MRO lanyard. 
  • People manning stands without an MRO tag will be asked to vacate the area. 
  • Complete setting up of the stand by Thursday 26th March between 08:00 until 20:00 
  • A VIP area will be made available to all exhibitors for breaks and resting 
  • Any carton, boxes or trash paper needs to be disposed of by the exhibitors before the opening of the MRO 
  • Smoking is only allowed in designated areas 
  • No open flames are allowed on the exhibition floors. 



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