was established in 2019 by the Government of Malta and the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry in a private-public partnership, with the aim of promoting Malta as a tech centre for innovative technologies within industry verticals. It seeks to position Malta as the epicentre on both a quality and creative level, having a forward thinking approach, with an inviting and supportive infrastructure. focuses on promoting the country for its dynamic and thriving technology sector, backed by the country’s economic and financial stability and success. Besides increasing the value of the technology Industry in Malta, this also positions the country as an attractive working destination within the European tech industry, thus attracting potential investment.


Through its first pillar, Promote, aims to put Malta on the forefront of the Tech Industry on both a European and global level, thus giving more opportunities and exposure for local tech companies, while at the same time attracting foreign entities to start up, operate and also trial their novel technologies locally. With the ambition to become the first port of call for all companies wishing to establish their base in Malta, is focused to establish itself as a compounder and unifying force with a clear and targeted focus on technology.

Through its second pillar, Innovate, wants to be the principal driver behind research related to technology and innovation in Malta. Not only do we want to improve the education platforms available locally to fall in line with the demands of the industry, but also be the medium by which tech professionals are exposed to new innovative technologies. We seek to manage the dissemination of research findings and innovations to ensure the findings reach the right target audience and elevate the overall quality level and knowhow of the industry.

Through its third pillar, Talent, aims to establish an effective synergy between the goals of local educational institutions and to ensure the upcoming tech workforce is being nurtured to fit the market demands. By means of our collaboration with local and foreign universities, institutes and training bodies, we strive to increase awareness and interest in taking up careers in technology and participate in devising new study programmes which would in turn supply the market with upcoming and trained employees.

Through its fourth pillar, Assist, aims to act as the link between regional, national, EU and international SME support, while ensuring superior client relationship management through personalised advisory services.